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Finally Free: An Autobiography of My Spiritual Breakthrough

Life can be viewed as a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, thrills and chills. How we handle our circumstances determines our success. Throughout my misfortunes I learned that it is not our mistakes, it is what we do after that mistake which matters the most. Even the Apostle Paul was once considered a bad and sinful person who persecuted people trying to spread the word of God; before he eventually saw the light. I have been in the darkness of neglect, abuse, and abandonment, which caused me to be violent, spiteful, and criminal minded. But through my trails and tribulations, I was able to overcome adversity. Similar to Apostle Paul, a school social worker was my Barnabas. Being confined was my Damascus. And constantly escaping death was my confirmation. Now I'm devoted to be the best Christian I can be. I'm looking forward to helping, encouraging, and guiding others, especially our youth. Some may say this is a sad story. Others may claim it's violent or dramatic. But best of all... this is a story of success.

Finally Free